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Windswept Nini in east Texas. Just a wisp of a thing. Could barely keep her feet on the ground. #teacuppoodleEver seen the inside of a vintage Coke machine? I hadn't until I bought this one in Amarillo TX as a decoration for Nomad Mountain Pizza in the Jemez Mountains outside of Santa Fe. Fun! #vintagecocacolamachine #cocacolacollectorFor this trip to New Mexico, I finally got a dog sitter for Sydney. What a huge relief for everyone. She's having a great time in Woodley Park, Nini is living the good life with us on the road, and I'm so much less stressed knowing she's in great hands. #pitbull #pibble #whippet #whibble#nofilter - Shoot from inside the car and you get car window and side mirror in photo. Stick your hand out the window and the wind moves the iPhone in just such a way as to create a kind of tilt shift effect in horizontal bands across the image. Neato, I think.Look out a window.50MPH across the entire state of Oklahoma and probably Texas and New Mexico later today. Pulling a 62 year old trailer in a severe wind warning is not for the faint of heart. The Silverado is a miracle. And thankfully, the wind is supposed to die down in about three hours, so we'll probably be able to do Texas and NM at normal speed, albeit several hours behind schedule. Oh well. Better safe than sorry.Dusk is the most amazing time of day, but it can be very challenging with an iPhone. The best time of day puts the phone right on the edge of switching over to that super grainy Another one from WHO/PAHO, a building my friend Scott calls More federal architecture. Department of the Interior, one of my favorite government agencies these days. #altnps #nationalparkservice #npscentennial #federalarchitectureOPM, I think. The Roosevelt Building o E Street. Some absolutely brilliant mid century federal architecture. #federalarchitecture #federalmidcentury #midcenturymodern #federallandscapearchitectureMorning walk from downtown to Georgetown. A quick stop at WHO/PAHO.Took the old boy out for a round of construction progress photos in Chevy Chase. This is an awfully nice neighborhood.Old graffiti, Piney Branch, Rock Creek Park, Washington DC. #nationalparks #rockcreekpark#nofilter Piney Branch, Rock Creek Park, Washington DC. #nationalparks #rockcreekpark#nofilter Piney Branch, Rock Creek Park, Washington DC. #nationalparksWent to Fort Loudoun, PA, to put new wheels and a temporary door onto Betty Dea, a 1955 Anderson, in preparation to hook her up and tow her back to DC, and then eventually bring her out to her new home in New Mexico.My camera has a lot more courage than I do, leaning over the edge of the glass railing looking across the atrium from three stories up. Yee. My fear of heights reared its head on this assignment!Back at Salisbury University to shoot two of last week's scouting shots at dusk. Bam. Dusk is awesome.If you placed me at age 19 into this dormitory with external stairs and halls and bright orange safety lights, I probably would have been like, cool dude MY OWN ROOM!  At age 46, I would personally replace every one of those g-d light fixtures with something softer and more neutral. And even so, would probably still move far away with the faint taste of barf in my mouth. I hate the phrase Salisbury University at dusk with a little bit of Lo-Fi filtering.So today I'm 3 hours away at Salisbury University in Salisbury MD, on a shoot for the lighting designer and one of the lighting manufacturers.Rooftop terrace, NGA East Wing.In abundance, shine a little back on your neighbor. Hey, I'm a Hallmark writer.Oscar's Liquors has become Carol's Guns & Ammo. Lordsburg NM.Stage Coach Inn & Cafe, as seen from El Charro Mexican Restaurant, Lordsburg NM.It's been way too long since I've taken this little Volkswagen out for a drive. Six weeks? Alas. (PS red light, 900RPM ... I was trying to be good). #porsche #porsche911 #911SC #neveridleWe were running low on fuel and this did not make us happy.Home for the past two weeks: La Cueva Lodge, Jemez Springs NM. We're just about to jump onto Interstate 40 for the long drive back east. It's been fun and interesting. Lots of work ahead, though. Stay tuned. #nomadmountainpizza #jemezsprings #jemezmountains @nomadmmlodge @nomadmotorlodge @dcfarmergirlBehind Badlands Towing Service, Lordsburg NM. #newmexico @nomadmmlodge @nomadmotorlodge #neveridle @outdoorsy.coSydney is an enthusiastic back seat travel companion. Stuck at a construction closure about 10 miles north of Deming NM. #pitbull #whippet #whibble #pibble #traveldogSuburbs are all the same: Home Goods, Best Buy, Applebee's, Home Depot. Oh except when the Sandia Mountains are your backdrop. #sandiamountains #dusk #neveridle @nomadmmlodge @nomadmotorlodge #suburb #suburbanPussyfooting around in a foot and a half of New Mexico snow. I wept openly yesterday as I listened in on a conversation at the next table over in the Highway 4 Cafe among three gray-haired women who were slated to be the first speakers at the Albuquerque women's march today. So proud of them and their courage, but also deeply sad. #womensmarch #womensmarchalbuquerque #pussyhatproject #pinkhatmore



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