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Sydney, guard whibble. #pitbull #whippet #pibble #whibble #dogLittle blue 911SC. #porsche #911scSydney, shown trying unsuccessfully to hide behind Nini because she knows I'm taking her picture to mark her 7th birthday, which apparently she's feeling awfully shy about. #pibble #pitbull #whippet #whibble #teacuppoodle#nofilter - Sunset at Willy's house in Aurora CO. Great to catch up with so many branches of our family this weekend. I love you all. #sunset #colorado #silvermaple #denverSo that's Denver. I think the Broncos won today. So that means it was a good day in Denver. I think. Sophie and Becky's wedding was perfect. I know that.Harvest moon over Denver.#nofilter Hotel room view, 6:45am mountain, Westminster CO.Saarinen Saarinen Saarinen. Eames Eames Eames. This place is a wonder. #dulles #eames #saarinen #eerosaarinen #midcentury #midcenturymodernUrban survivor.One of my favorite blocks in the city. 5th Street NW behind New York Ave.West Cornwall CT.If you showed me this picture and confirmed my suspicion that those were CT tags on that Fusion, I would tell you exactly where it was taken. Because life and childhood and family and cheeseburgers and birch beer.Yellow Thing. Washington Depot CT. #vw #thing #aircooled #volkswagenIan Ingersoll Cabinetmakers. West Cornwall CT.Ian Ingersoll Cabinetmakers. West Cornwall CT.West Cornwall CT.Stacked river stone sculpture. West Cornwall CT. Housatonic River.Painter's Ridge, Roxbury CT. #cloudporn #nofilterPainter's Ridge, Roxbury CT. #cloudpornAunt Christie's loom.Aunt Christie's loom.Aunt Christie, fiber art.Aunt Christie's loom. #nofilterFormerly an L-shaped 1950s rambler. Now more of a U. With much larger living room with much taller ceilings. Alexandria VA.A quick shoot today in Alexandria VA where the homeowner actually furnished the home exactly the way the architecture wanted it to be furnished. Every room was perfect.Under the cast iron stair, looking west, in the morning.#nofilter On assignment in an empty building.Polar bear doing the breaststroke. Some beautiful clouds out there today. On Fessenden St NW, near Deal MS. #cloudpornBefore polish (street side). See @nomadmmlodge for a photo after the first pass of polishing (curb side). Amazing transformation. 1953 Airstream Liner, brought up to MD from Atlanta early this week. #airstream #vintageairstream #liveriveted #vintagetrailer #neveridle@nomadmmlodge cofounder Michael Vallen laughing with delight upon discovering, after wedging the 1953 Airstream Liner we towed back from Atlanta yesterday into the workshop and plugging it in, that all the lights work as they should. Great joy in the little things. #airstream #vintageairstream #vintagetrailer #neveridle #liverivetedF@&king awesome 3:15 end to a f@&king awesome couple days on the road. Arrive back in Maryland with the Airstream to find a flat tire on the Saab. At least I felt it within the first tenth of a mile, and there was a remarkably well lit retail plaza right there, with two cops parked nearby to make sure my 3:30am tire change was safe. Home at last at 4:15am.KY HOUSE TRAILER EXP 4-1-78. #airstream #vintageairstream #vintagetrailer 1953 Liner @nomadmmlodge #neveridleAnd our final stop in the giant DC-ATL-MyrtleB-DC two-day-triangle-trip is to scout out a 1977 Argosy 28 with front & rear panorama windows. Needs everything all the other trailers have needed, but it's an excellent trailer. Stay tuned. We'll decide in the next day or two whether this one joins the fleet or not. Some spreadsheeting may need to happen. #argosy #airstream #vintagetrailer #vintageairstream #neveridle @nomadmmlodgemore



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