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Rafael Soriano: Shulman residence, Los Angeles (August 2009 & June 2010)

Shulman residenceShulman studio and residenceShulman residence: front entranceGlass screenLA Historic Cultural Landmark designationsucculents hanging by the front doorShulman studio and residenceShulman residence: rear courtyardShulman residence: rear of homeShulman house: courtyard between studio and residenceShulman house: courtyard between studio and residenceView from courtyard to residenceShulman residence: view from courtyard to residenceDSC_7789BWShulman residence: behind the garageShulman residence: in the drivewayPulling awayShulman studioDSC_7576BWDSC_7763aDSC_7735BWDSC_7761BWDSC_7531DSC_7518aDSC_7616aDSC_7563aDSC_7598BWDSC_7760aDSC_7768aDSC_7729aDSC_7557DSC_7765aDSC_7721aDSC_7703aDSC_7621aDSC_7607aDSC_7709aDSC_7594aDSC_7727aDSC_7773aDSC_7540aDSC_7537BWDSC_7533aDSC_7497DSC_7499DSC_7505DSC_7508DSC_7513DSC_7520DSC_7537DSC_7560DSC_7569DSC_7577DSC_7580DSC_7581DSC_7591DSC_7597DSC_7612DSC_7615DSC_7627DSC_7633DSC_7687DSC_7769DSC_7829DSC_7484aDSC_7649BWcalling card shulman

Architectural photographer Julius Shulman lived to the healthy age of 98, working to the very end. When he died, in July 2009, he left a 73 year legacy behind, as well as countless aspiring and working photographers, to whom he readily gave advice on request. I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Shulman numerous times, including several visits to the home that Shulman commissioned Raphael Soriano to design and build for him in 1950. For reasons perhaps never to be fully understood by me, I was given the privilege and honor to photograph the home after it had been prepared for sale by his family. Much of the legendary photographer's personal belongings had been removed from the home, so what was left was a rather sparsely appointed house. Among the mostly empty spaces, though, are myriad details that collectively draw a portrait of the man who lived and worked in the house for nearly 60 years.