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Michael K. Wilkinson is an architectural photographer and marketing consultant based in Washington DC. He focuses his efforts on developing long-term relationships with small to mid-sized architecture firms, builders, real estate developers, interior designers, and real estate sales professionals, documenting their work through highly skilled architectural photography, then providing wrap-around marketing support services including web strategy and development, marketing communications, and relationship building within the community.


Michael's photographs have been published in many local and national shelter, lifestyle and news publications including AIA | DC News, Arlington Magazine, Associated Press, Atomic Ranch, Bethesda Magazine, Chesapeake Home + Living, Custom Home, DC Style, Dwell, Garden Design, Georgetowner, Home & Design, Home & Design SourceBook, Houzz Tour, InTowner, Metropolitan Home, Modern San Diego, USA Today, Voice of the Hill, Washington Business Journal, Washington Flyer, Washingtonian, Washington Post and Washington Spaces. His work has brightened up countless blogs and websites, and he has credits on a couple CD covers, too.


He has participated in 40 solo or group exhibits in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Connecticut, and Austria. He is a 1992 graduate of Tufts University, and has lived in Washington DC since 1993. Contact: send him an email at mkw@mkw1.com, or call him at 202.374.mkw1 (6591).


Above: an assortment of photographs from various architectural shoots, and architecteurish photographs from the photographer's non-commissioned (personal) portfolio. Photographs taken anytime from 1981 through last week.